orca bay middle

I hung up a design wall this week but the quilt is too big for it so it is still on the floor. This is the middle of Orca Bay. I just have the borders to go!


Whenever Z is around when I’m sewing she wants me to make her a dress. I’ve explained over and over that I don’t sew clothes. Period, end of story. She still asks every time.

When I heard about Dress a Girl Around the World I figured it was perfect. They collect simple dresses for girls who need them. They had a pattern for a pillowcase dress that I figured I could make. Z could learn the value of making something for someone else. She’s grounded this weekend for yet another school incident so making a dress that she doesn’t get to keep was a project that could be done without actually rewarding bad behavior. I also think that she’s growing up with an extremely materialistic attitude that her father and I do our best to try to counteract but there isn’t much we can do when she isn’t here full time.


Here’s the dress being modeled by Z. Ignore the clashing purple shirt. I’m going to add a pocket. It only took a few minutes. She read the directions to me and I made it. We discussed that it would be going to girls possibly in orphanages who needed dresses. After modeling we went back downstairs and she was raving about how wonderful our dress was. She shouted, “We’re going to get paid LOTS of money for this one!!!”

Um, point missed. Object lesson went right over her head.

I explained that we were not getting any money for it. She asked in a horrified whisper, “We aren’t just (gasp) giving it away, are we?”

I said that we were and went over the point of giving again. She wanted to know if the girl would look like her. I explained Africa again and showed her pictures from the website. She decided that the girls in the pictures would look pretty in her dress so that was ok.

We are going to turn this child into a decent human being if it kills us – and it just might.