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My fitness goals for last week:

1.  Run twice

I got motivated one day and decided to run early in the morning.  I got up and went to the trail all proud of myself.  I knew it was slightly chilly out.  What I didn’t realize is that adding two things together that I don’t like (cold and morning) was a disaster waiting to happen.
My quads turned to something resembling huge blocks of ice that were incapable of lifting up my legs.  Add my normal morning incoordination and it was ugly.  I ended up forcing myself to get to the 1/2 mile point so I could turn around and call it a mile.  That was a combination of walking, running, and stopping to swear about how cold it was and wonder why running wasn’t making it the least bit warmer.
I didn’t run again because that turned out to be the warmest day this week.  It started snowing.  The trails are under 6 inches of snow and the roads are slushy.
I’m at my old house today and was going to run this morning so I didn’t have to admit abject failure but I realized it was the exact same way too early time as before and it was starting to snow.  I was starting compose a post in my mind about how I obviously can’t learn from experience when I realized that maybe I should learn.  I also realized that I don’t have gloves which isn’t a surprise since I also forgot my pants I was planning to wear today.

2.  Do yoga two times

I have my yoga space all set up.  My wifi reaches there nicely.  I did yogatoday’s free class for the week which featured standing postures for legs.  I’m not sure why I didn’t do a second one.  I sort of thought I did but my daily mile records say no.

3.  Go to a fitness class

Turns out that class doesn’t start until April.  Totally not my fault.

4.  Eat better

I have a plan which really needs its own post but I didn’t quite live up to everything I wanted to do.

So, a rough week overall.  I’ll shoot for the same running and yoga goals unless it is still freezing then I’m not going outside.  I should commit to substituting some other workout though so I get four days in.