I promised to show the coins that I have that would probably cause the SO to lie down and have a heart attack if he even knew they existed – never mind what he’d do if he found out he was living with them.

Drumroll please….. from the Isle of Man………


Harry Potter coins!! I was so excited when I found out there were Harry Potter coins. I only have these two because they are expensive. On eBay they go for at least $55 a piece. I got these ones for much less of course! The picture is hard to see but the one of the left is Harry casting a spell. The one on the right is Harry and Ron flying in the car over the Burrow. There are lots of them but they don’t come up often in silver on eBay. You can find the easily in cupro-nickle.

The Isle of Man does lots of fun coins. I think it is a major export of theirs. They do a cat series with a new breed of cat every year. They come in all kinds of metals. I have one because these are also highly collectible (read, too rich for my blood!)