Yesterday I got a book out of the library about cooking meals and freezing them. The idea of the book was that you can cook once a month if you are motivated to cook alot on that day. I was inspired. Not that inspired but sort of. I checked out my two favorite cookbooks from the library and started cooking.

I made Confetti Potatoes from the freezing book. It is basically frozen hashbrowns (I got the spicy kind) mixed with mushroom soup, milk, cheddar cheese, and cheese crackers. I haven’t cooked that one yet but it tasted good when I was making it. I also made two baked pumpkin custards – one for now and one frozen.

From Sundays at Moosewood I made Mussaka Sarejevo. That is an Eastern European lasagne. It uses mushrooms in a glaze and feta instead of ricotta and mozzerella cheese. It also has a layer of zucchini. I cooked it and froze half the lasagne in individual portions and then served the other part last night. The husband accused me of eating the other half so I had to explain the whole freezing food idea.

Today I made their West African Peanut Soup. It is made with carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, and peanut butter in vegetable stock and tomato juice. It is ok.

I used the pizza dough recipe in Passionate Vegetarian to make individual size calzones. I put tomato sauce, spinach, goat cheese, olives, and roasted red peppers inside.

I know that I need to have a set meal plan when I go grocery shopping or I will eat junk. Hopefully having healthy food frozen in small portions will encourage me to eat healthy instead of making junk when I come home. Having a calzone and a cup of peanut soup for lunch tasted much better than anything that I would normally make.