I heard a person on NPR last night talking about the Olympics. He said that he wasn’t surprised that hardly anyone was watching the Olympics when they are showing hours of curling on TV. Who watches curling?

Uh, me. I watched the exact match he was discussing yesterday. For hours. US vs. Sweden. I was engrossed. I decided I wanted to be a curler when I grew up but I don’t think that is actually an option around here. I’m going to have to leave the husband and move up to the frozen north to follow my passion for curling. By the way the US won in a nail biter. And some of the curling guys are sort of cute in a totally geeky kind of way.

I’m an Olympic junkie. When I watch the Olympics I don’t want to see the popular sports. I want to see the sports you never get to see except for during the Olympics. Curling, for example. I was actually excitedly waiting for curling to come on TV. Biathalon is another one I like. Cross country skiing is exhausting.. My quads burn just watching it and I have to lie down. I’m not interested in figure skating. I figure you can see that anytime on TV.

I’m the same way for the Summer Olympics. My ideal TV schedule? All equestrian all the time of course but when the horses are sleeping there should be synchronized swimming interpersed with fencing and archery.