A few weeks ago I posted about a site called the Grocery Game that talked all about coupon shopping. I found out there that I can print coupons online. Since then I’ve been obsessed. I wouldn’t have gotten obsessed if it would have worked right the first time. I have been denied the ability to print coupons and therefore have become obsessed.

The problem:

I am running a Mac OS X with Netscape.

That is apparently a coupon double no-no. A Mac is forgiveable if you are running OS 10.3 or higher. I was running 10.2.8. Ok, so I get my dad to give me installation disks for 10.3 (don’t call the software police). I get that up. Then I have to download the coupon printer. Check. Then I have to get the ^%#%^$%^ thing to work. That finally happens. So now I am printing coupons. Sometimes. It seems to depend on the mood of the software at any given point.

The coupon that started it all was a 55 cents off Angel Soft toilet paper. By the time I got all the software up and running I go to that site and the offer is now off.

So, let’s add it up. I have spent at least 4 hours over the last few weeks figuring out software. I now have about $15 in coupons sitting here. It somehow does not add up.

But if any one else out there is this insane here’s a great site