Crafty update:

I finished the top for my disappearing nine patch. It is about 33 inches square. The size was dictated by the amount I had of the novelty print that I was using.


This week I’ll be working on the Pomeranian wall hanging I have. I need to find a variety of white and cream tone on tones that look like hair to make it a good representation of Snowball. If I’m not finding what I like I’ll start another giveaway quilt.

Fitness update:

I did some walking but it has been cold and I am entirely unmotivated on a treadmill so I’ve been slacking.

I bought Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Back Care for the SO and we did that. I don’t have back trouble so it didn’t do much for me but he said that he feels a lot better since then so that is good.

I found a new workout. I was reading the SO’s Best Life magazine and found a little article about a boxing-type workout. Back in the day I tried Tae-Bo and I’ve liked fake punching ever since. This article had a workout you can download from the site here. Warning, it is labeled “A Killer’s Workout” but I would drop the ‘s.

You have to read the directions before you download because the audio consists of a guy yelling numbers and you have to know what combination belongs to what number. The workout consists of seven 3 minute long rounds. I made it through round 1 by simplifying some of the moves. Then I collapsed. The guy who wrote the article was a marathoner and couldn’t complete all the rounds when he started. I like it though. It is doable and it will seriously work out your body. I can’t even imagine being able to go multiple rounds but I want to get to that point.

Goals for this week:

1. Work on being able to go multiple rounds.
2. Do some of my more advanced yoga tapes.