I’m starting my third week of grownup CrossFit which means that counting my 2 intro weeks that I’m starting my second month.

Weight loss so far? Nada. But, my pants fit better. This morning on our warmup run another person said that I looked like I lost some weight this week. I don’t really care what the scale says as long as I am shrinking. One of the coaches also said that he can tell I’m getting a lot better. Everyone is really nice and supportive.

I still really enjoy it. That seems odd to say because when I describe workouts people look at me like I’m out of my mind. But, I need a coach to tell me what to do in the gym or I end up wandering around aimlessly. I also tend to like crazy.

People who have heard of CrossFit tend to think it is impossible workouts. One of my techs told another one that they have to be nice to me now because I’m “doing CrossFit and can crush skulls with (my) fingertips.” The workouts are… um… challenging, but they are modified to each person’s level of fitness but changing the weight you use or substituting moves like rows instead of rope climbs.

Here’s what we did today.


run in place, 10 squats, 10 burpees (lay down on the ground and then stand up), 10 pushups, walking lunges with knee raises across the gym, grapevines across the gym in both directions. Then we went out for a 400 m run.

After that we worked on a machine hamstring move and then did overhead presses to determine our maximum weight. Mine was 63. That felt wimpy but it was pretty average for the women. I know why it felt wimpy. Last year’s world CrossFit games master’s champion uses the rack right across from me. When I’m thinking if I should try to add 5 more lbs to a bar she’s throwing on another 20. I feel like a wimp until I see what other people are doing.

Then we started the Workout of the Day. Today it was 21 front squats (squat while holding a bar with weights – I was just doing a 33 lb bar), 21 burpees, and 21 wall balls (squat while holding a medicine ball and then stand up and throw high against the wall), repeat all three moves doing 15 reps each, and then repeat with 9 reps.

I’m getting better about not cheating. I used to count reps like this, “15…16….holy @#%$% I’m tired….let’s call that 20.” I’m building up my stamina so I can usually do the whole thing. There are still a few moves I’m terrible on. Anything that involves hanging from a bar is awful. I just don’t have the hand strength. Like when we hang from the bar and lift knees to chest. I can do that ab move all day long but I slide off the bar after 1 or 2 reps. I’m not going to tell my techs though that I can’t crush skulls yet.

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