My SIL told me this weekend that my ex had friended her on Facebook. That’s fine with me. They were buddies. But I decided to look at his pictures because she told me that he was funny looking in them. His pictures are open for anyone to see. I should know better. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it just ends up pissing me right off.

1. He still looks like a lollipop. He lost a lot of weight during the divorce year and his head is now out of proportion to his body. Bad look. I like muscle definition. Good thing I moved on to a weight lifter!

2. He’s married. To the woman he left me for. I guess that’s good. I didn’t get dumped for a passing fling.

3. He has a stepkid. That just pisses me off. Before he admitted to the woman his main excuse was that he couldn’t go through with the adoption because he couldn’t handle raising a kid that he wasn’t related to. I’m glad he has experienced some personal growth but did he have to mess up my life and our potential daughter’s life to do it? Bastard.

I’ve been a super incredibly good ex-wife. I’ve been waiting for him to get his act together before I demand my spousal support. He recently gave up my farm to foreclosure. He was supposed to start paying me after he didn’t need to pay for the farm anymore. But I waited until he paid off some other debts. No more. If he can support a whole family he can pay me. Hell hath no fury…. LOL