I have a new toy because I think it is fairly obvious that I love my gadgets! This one is a FitBit.

Think of it as a high tech pedometer. It is based on Wii technology so it is more accurate at recording movement than standard pedometers. It also records mileage and calories burned. It interfaces with the FitBit website to log your activity. If you are in range of the base/charger it automatically uploads every 15 minutes. You can make it upload by putting it on the charger also.

How well does it work? It seemed pretty accurate on my trail run today when measuring mileage. It is a motivating little bugger too. I keep looking at the display and feeling like I have to keep moving to make it proud of me and have the website say I did a good job. After running I came home and went for an extra walk just to get my step count up.

It is very comfortable to wear. It is small and fits close to the body since it doesn’t have to jiggle to work like other pedometers. I had it attached to my bra and didn’t even notice I was wearing it. I’m interested to see how it works for activities like fencing but so far I like it.