I noticed that there is a bar across from my hotel that has salsa dancing on Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 2 am. I love dancing. I haven’t done it since I was in Costa Rica many years ago. When I stayed in Boliva I tried to go but my host didn’t dance and I think he was hiding me from the local guys. I met a few and that was probably a wise choice. So I was all excited for a second about this bar until reality hit.

Acupuncture class is so brain draining that I’m unconscious by 9 pm!

I was happy in bed by 8 today. I’m not asleep yet but I could be if I got off the computer.

I’m torn though. When am I going to get this chance again?  We don’t salsa in the Midwest. I told the SO about it. I knew he’d be horrified. I’m teasing him about a waiter at a Mexican restaurant who keeps making suggestive comments to me. He thinks I can’t understand what he says in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish but I know enough to get the drift. Why do I only know the naughty things? Remember the Bolivian guys I wasn’t allowed to dance with? That was an educational trip.