You’d think I’d know better by now than to go to the Christian sites because they get me all riled up. But Google reader’s recommended sites leads me strange places. This time it took me to the website of a church that is going to be protested by Westboro Baptist (the gods hates fags people). The church had a great poster welcoming the protestors.

Check it out. You’ll laugh.

But then i read down the page. There is an article about a pastor’s mother speaking. Guess who she addressed her talk to? The mothers and single women.

This is a long time pet peeve of mine. Conservative churches think that those are the two types of women. Have you ever looked at a “women’s bible”? Those are the categories that are covered in the notes in those bibles.

Women come in more flavors than that. /rant before it starts too much since I have to get to class.