5 in the #@$$^& AM. I was at the gym at 5 in the #@$$^& AM.

It turns out that I jump rope a whole lot better when I’m unconscious than when I try to do it at home. That may also be related to the quality of the equipment there vs my dollar store jump rope.

The timed workout at the end was 25 jumps with the rope or 5 doubles where you spin the rope twice on a single jump. Um, yeah, 5 AM. Singles for me. Rest of the class too. Follow that immediately with 10 sumo squats into an upright row with a 25lb kettlebell. Repeat as often as possible for 5 minutes. I did it 5 times. I did like one person’s suggestion that we could spend the whole 5 minutes trying to do 1 double jump and therefore never have to lift the weights.

Then I got homework. I have some podcasts to listen to and I have to write a food journal. The worst part is that I have to turn it into my trainers at least once a week. Usually I think about writing food journals and consider it a good idea. Now I have to do it. They are going to get me in shape whether I want to or not. Meanies.

I can now feel my quads again. I think I liked it better when I couldn’t.