I read 26 books in December. How did that happen? Well, I was off work for 5 days because COVID finally got me. I didn’t really get sick so I had plenty of time to read. I wouldn’t have even known that I had it but I had a little cold. I decided to test myself because my boss had been making anyone who got even slightly sick test. I decided that I should test to go along with the program. Since I’m the only vet… yeah, I shut down the clinic for the rest of that week. But I got a lot of reading done!

I also read several cookbooks this month and those go fast. I’ve been doing a big life reset on the husband and myself (with really good results). It has resulted in lots of cookbooks being read.

I read a few books for my South of the Equator challenge.

I even read a book that I already owned for my TBR reduction challenge. I read it after I wrote my post about how bad I was doing at that. I tried to find a book to read on my ipad. I realized that most of the unread romances I had on there were just horrible. I read a few pages of about 10 books and deleted them because they were painful. I guess that’s one way to clean out the ereader.

Green book cover of Rogues to Riches - Lord of Chance.