This year I set myself a challenge to read books either by authors from south of the equator or set south of the equator – preferably both. My goal was to find new authors and stretch my reading habits. So how did it go?


Well, that’s not much is it? I really thought that I had read more from here. I have found a few Australian book blogs to follow in hopes of finding more but so far they haven’t had the same bookish tastes as me except for Me, Antman & Fleabag.


Whatever you do don't run Peter Allison

South Africa


Ok, this one is an American author but it is set in Antarctica.

New Zealand

New Zealand for the win because of Nalini Singh, even though most of her books are set in California.

In 2023 I’m going to keep going with this project. My goal is to find more authors writing books in the genres I like – nonfiction, fantasy, sci fi, romance, from South America and Africa. They must be out there but I don’t think that those are the books that get translated as much as more literary fiction.