It is amazing how quickly things get dirty. Yesterday my dishwasher didn’t do the dishes well so I had to rewash. That meant that I didn’t get the new dirty dishes in the washer so they were sitting in the sink. That made the whole rest of the kitchen look bad so we were much more likely to just let things sit instead of picking up.

I’m off work today so I spent some time getting the dishes washed and the rest of the kitchen picked up. But it was harder to get started than before. The perfectionism kicked in. It looked like a big job so I didn’t know if I could get it all done like I wanted so it was hard to even start. Vicious cycle. But I decided to just start with one thing. I moved some bills from the table to the desk in the other room. That was enough to get me started. It wasn’t as big of a job as I thought. It only took a few minutes to do. Deep down in my brain I knew that but overcoming inertia is hard sometimes.


The challenge of the day is to clean up the bed. I use a waterbed frame to hold my mattress so I don’t have any under the bed space to clutter up. But I do have shelves on the headboard and the space under the mattress. I don’t understand how stuff ends up there. It is another example for me about how clutter can interfere with your life. I would only change the sheets when I was home alone because I didn’t want the SO to offer to help and then see the junk under the mattress. How weird is that? I’m been embarrassed about it for months. It took about 3 minutes to clean. It was mostly cards from magazines. I have no idea how they get under the mattress unless they are falling down the side of the frame and migrating. I also made $1.29.

I worked on the shelves previously. I took all the books that I wasn’t reading at the time and put them back on the main bookshelves. I threw out other junk that got put there over time for no good reason. Then I wiped down the shelves. I still have a few things on there just because I’m not sure what to do with them. The shelves on my bed hold a microscope and a surgery kit that I had to buy in vet school. Both are expensive so I don’t want to get rid of them but unless I get my own practice I don’t really need them. Maybe it just adds to my charm/weirdness to have them on the bed…

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