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It is a second Joseph’s Coat block. Hand applique did not cause me to spontaneously combust or cause the world to go spinning off its axis so here I am doing it again.

I still have a baby quilt on the design wall that needs to be quilted since the shower is in two weeks or something ridiculous like that. I’ve decided that I like my Orca Bay better without the outside borders so even though I made all the little pieces for those borders, I’m not going to use them. Yeah, it took me a while to wrap my head around that one too. Pictures to follow when something actually changes on them.

On my actual living room wall there is now this:


I finally hung up pictures and things this weekend. This is an old quilt that I made one snowed in January day with the idea of using only what was in my stash. That was 3 houses and about 12 years ago but it looks good here. I call it Animals Around the World because it has novelty prints with zebras, parrots, monkeys, giraffes, whales and other beasties in a Trip Around the World pattern.

Sew Sweetness

I’m also doing the New York Beauty Quilt along. I remembered this morning. It started last week so the first two blocks will be my Tuesday morning sewing time project. This is one of my all time favorites but I don’t have a quilt made of only this block. My theme is going to be sunflowers.