Our neighbor/real estate agent for the old house is evil.  That isn’t news.  She’s the kind of person who thinks she’s special because once upon a time her family was a big deal in that small town.  The business is long gone and no one remembers them but her but she feels very superior to all us peons.

Anyway she is very pissy about me staying in the house on Monday nights.  I have an air mattress and I put everything away in case there is a showing.  As long as the house hasn’t sold and I’m still working at my old job a few days a week I’ll be camping there.  I don’t understand why it makes her so mad but most everything in life does irritate her so I’m not surprised.

This morning she saw me going into the house.  She yelled across the street to me in a totally disgusted tone of voice.  “Heather!  We have a showing today!”  Like my presence is the worst thing imagineable.

She must think the SO and I don’t talk.  She emails him every time a showing is scheduled.  There are none this week.

I calmly said, “I’m leaving in half an hour.”

I don’t know if I was giving her a look or if she realized that I might know she was lying for no reason but she started to backtrack. “Well, maybe it isn’t today.  Maybe it is tomorrow.  I’ll have to check my schedule.”

I just walked inside.  I was to tell her very sweetly that as long as I was sleeping with the homeowner I could be there whenever I like. Crazy old bat.