Back in November I dropped off a dress to be hemmed since I can’t pin it on myself.  Since it wasn’t anything I need at a specific time the seamstress kept putting it off.  By the time it was ready to pick up I wasn’t working in this town full time anymore.  The seamstress also works very limited hours so I can only pick it up at noon on the Fridays that I am in town.

I’ve had three appointments to pick it up.  Each time someone schedules a complicated case right before lunch so it runs past noon and I can’t go.  After my last cancelled pickup I flipped forward in the appointment book to today and crossed off the 11:45 appointment with a note that I have to go pick up clothes.

This morning I got here and read the notes after mine on the book.

“Whose house did you leave them in?”

“Maybe if you weren’t so messy you wouldn’t have to be cleaning up after yourself like this.”