I am continuing on the My Husband Is A F#$!head Diet. I have lost 10 lbs. This is aided by the realization that if I need to stop obsessing I should go for a walk outside. Why walking outside can stop my brain from obsessing when it obsesses so nicely whilst pacing inside is something I haven’t quite figured out but it works. I don’t necessarily stop thinking about things but I stop obsessing. Subtle difference but important for my sanity.

Anyway, I’ve been walking to the end of my road and back. That’s a total of 2 miles. Sometimes I need to do it twice a day. I’m basically strolling for sanity and not striding for fitness but it is still 2 to 4 miles a day.

Today I ran to Goodwill on the way to work because I was in dire need of a belt to stop my pants from collapsing. I also grabbed a pair of size 12 jeans. These are proper size 12s with no stretch material to be forgiving. I tried them on when I got home and they fit perfectly! So some good is coming of all this stress.