I’ve never thought of myself as a free spirit but there is a spark of rebelliousness growing in me. When I got married and moved here I started working for a service that places vets in clinics that need temporary help. They had a very good orientation that they gave before I started. I learned alot and have used many of their tips in the subsequent years. I worked for them for a while and then went to work with another agency.

I just started working with the first agency again. They said that they wanted me to go to another orientation because some of their billing policy had changed. When I get there it turns out that I’m the only person who could make it that day. I think we are going to fly through this because I’ve been doing this work for 6 years. Just tell me the new stuff and we’ll be done.

No. She went through the whole thing. It was torture. Imagine having to sit down and have the job you’ve been doing for years explained to you in excruciating detail. You’re the only person there so you can’t even yawn. She knew I had been doing this. She’d say, “I’m sure you know this already,” and then keep talking about it. For hours.

I noticed during this that this company has become very anal retentive. The comment was made that they used to require people to wear navy lab coats but now they want white. White coats? First of all it is such a cliche. Second, I just don’t look good in white. Makes me look paler than normal. Third, white lasts about 10 seconds on me. Especially when I’m wrestling dogs.

Besides, (and here is my rebelliousness popping up) what business is it of theirs what color I wear? They also told me that they would get me a nametag. Even though I own several name tags they aren’t “their” name tags. Seems like there is a major bossy streak here in this company. I had pretty much decided to blow off the white coat idea since it was presented as a strong preference rather than an outright order. But I got my info on the first clinic I’m going to for them and the owner requested white. Good god! I might kill my first six patients but it will all be ok because I’m wearing white???

I know it is not a big deal but apparently I don’t take well to being bossed around about minor things.