Ever since the husband himself to lose weight I’ve decided that I need to keep up. He’s lost over 10 lbs so far.

I’ve been watching what I call “fat shows” on TV for inspiration. Celebrity Fit Club, I Lost It, and specials on Discovery Health mostly. I did decide at one point that it would be better to do something than to watch TV about other people’s weight loss. So I decided that every other day I would watch I Lost It and do half an hour of circuit training at the same time. I figured that the half hour was going to go by anyway so I might as well be helping myself at the same time.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret that I don’t tell anyone. When I got married I weighed 170 and was a size 12/14. Then I reacted badly to medication and went up to 200 in two months. I stayed around there until last year. When I decided to lose weight last year I was 205 and a size 16. I went down to 185 (size 12/14) in 4 months. Then I stopped the really strict diet. I’ve bounced between 185 and 190 for about a year and a half. I go up and down 5 lbs depending on the day.

Since I started actively trying to lose weight a month ago I’ve stayed steady at 185. My prayer went I used to step on the scale was “please don’t let it be over 190.” But it hasn’t been heading that way. In the last week it was saying things like 184 and 182. This morning it said…drumroll….180! I believe I squealed and jumped up and down. It alarmed the animals.

I wasn’t going to say this out loud because I know I have big weight fluctuations. It will probably say 185 tomorrow. Then I figured better say it now in case it never happens again. On the other hand tomorrow it could say 170 something!

This has now become the type of blog entry I can’t stand. I read weight loss blogs and if the person is over 200 I’m all “You Go Girl!” If the person is 150 I don’t have any sympathy. Too close to home I guess. The worst was yesterday on the fat show when they had a dressage rider on who was told she was too fat to be competitive when she was 190! Talk about making me squirm! I felt better when she got pregnant and went to 250 before dieting. That makes me a horrible person doesn’t it?

My worst competitive behavior was when I saw a blog where the person was 110 and trying to lose weight. I believe I swore at her. Then I realized that she was measuring using kilograms and not pounds. I did the math and was back to “You Go Girl!”

I honestly don’t know why I’m losing now. I’m not doing nearly the amount of exercise I was doing earlier this summer when I was trail hiking all the time. I’ve been watching portion sizes. I’m eating more often mostly because I get hungry from the small portions. But I’m eating good stuff so that must be the difference.

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