Jen, over at Life Begins at 30 has an interesting challenge. For the month of August commit to eat locally. Your level over committment is up to you. It could be for every meal, just dinners, once a week, or once during the month. The idea is to learn and appreciate what is available to you from local sources.

This is intriguing to me. I’m bad about eating locally because I like the convenience of going to just one store. I’ve been to the farmers’ market but all that was available then was lettuce. But in August there should be lots of great vegetables available here. I have the rest of July to scope out my sources. I live in the middle of a huge agricultural area. There are many little roadside stands and stores. I think I’m going to go visit them and see what they have. (I always feel bad if I stop and don’t buy something though. Comes from helping with a friend’s sweet corn stand when I was a kid.)

I know I won’t go for eating locally at every meal. That’s just setting myself up for failure. But being aware and making a concious effort of incorporate local produce into my diet will be an interesting project.