I decided that I needed more prizes for my trail ride so I hit ebay. There was only one problem. It seems that I’d been banned from ebay for not paying $1.99 sellers fee. But I did pay the fee and I could prove it so I tried out ebay’s online customer service. It was a slow and painful experience. I explained my problem and the guy asked for all my info. I gave it to him but all my contact info was out of date. Ebay has never allowed me to change it. I’ve filled out the forms repeatedly but it never seemed to take. So he concentrated on fixing all that and missed the whole point that I couldn’t sign in. Then he seemed surprised that I still cared about that when he had fixed all my contact info. He reset passwords and all kinds of stuff and I still couldn’t sign in. So he retreated to the fall back position of all computer customer service reps – “Maybe you should reboot.” Good for him since rebooting my computer would sever the customer service connection. Then he had the nerve to write that he was glad to have helped me. All this fun took an hour and a half and I still couldn’t get on. So I rebooted. And I was able to get on. Personally I think that gave the system time to catch up with all the changes that we did. I hate it when the fallback rebooting cop-out works.

So how I’m buying cheap horse stuff on ebay. I’m concentrating on one store to save on shipping. So far today I’ve bought a 10′ cotton lead rope and a halter. I have bids out on other leads and halters too. For most stuff I’m refusing to bid over $5.00 but for fancy halters I’ll go as high as $8.00. I love buying stuff cheap!