This morning went I was leaving for my ride I asked the husband to listen for my car horn when I came home. I fully expected to not be able to move my sure-to-be-aching body out of the car and into the house. I asked him if I honked the horn could he please come out and carry me in the house and lay me down on the bed? He petted me on the head and used the soothing husband voice that is employed when he decides that I’ve gone a bit off again. “Sure, what ever you want. Actually, if the (deadbeat contractor) was here I’d have him do it.”

Me: He’s little and scrawny. I’d smoosh him.
Him: He’s strong though. (Realizes that that may have not been the right answer.) Not that I’m saying that I’m not strong enough to pick you up…

I walked away before he got himself in real trouble.

But when I got to the park the owner of the horse I was riding commented that the horse probably was glad I was riding him. I asked why and she said that he is usually ridden by her husband who is a large man. She said the horse was probably glad to have a light rider. I’ve never been considered “light” before. I guess it is all in your perspective.