I have been reading off and on about energy work. I would like to do energy work and I’ve tried it on my trees but I really have no idea what I am doing.

Yesterday I hospitalized 2 sick rabbits. Sick is a bit of an understatement. The “healthier” one was skin and bones, very dehydrated, and had discharge from his eyes and nose. The “sicker” one was comatose. I told the owner that they would probably die but I’d try to fix them. I took them to isolation and had a helper hold the healthier one. We gave him fluids and antibiotics. Then we tucked him into a warmed cage. I started working on the comatose rabbit. We saved him for last since we thought we might have a chance to save the other one and this one was beyond help.

I told my helper that she could go because the rabbit was unresponsive when I put the fluids under his skin. So I was standing there watching fluids slowly go into a 99% dead rabbit. I was getting bored. I decided to run a bit of energy into him. If anyone saw me it would just look like I was holding onto the rabbit. I did not want to explain this.

I basically inhale and visualize energy running from the ground into my feet and up my legs to my chest. On exhalation I send a wave of energy down my arms from my chest and into my hands and then into the patient. I did this for a few minutes. The whole time I was full of skepticism because I have no idea if I’m doing it right.

Two hours later the healthier rabbit was dead. The sicker rabbit was no better but he wasn’t dead. Four hours later he looked around a bit when his owner came to pick up the dead rabbit.

I went in this afternoon and asked what happened to him. The boss said he euthanized him that morning. I complained that I worked hard to keep that rabbit alive for a day and he just comes in and kills my patients. I figured that the rabbit was crashing and there was nothing to do. Then he said that the rabbit had neurological problems that made the owner want to euthanize him. This was a rabbit that I had to watch carefully to make sure he was breathing. How could they tell he was neurologic? Apparently he was up. In respiratory infections in rabbit spinning in circles can be a common after-effect. But he woke up and got up.

Normally I’d say the fluids helped him. But his brother got the exact same treatment except for the energy work and died immediately. Maybe there is something to this all after all.

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