How can you tell if your horse is feeling better? Equine Avoidance Manuevers (EAM) are put in place.

EAM happen when you are trying to brush out a thick tangled Morgan mane with the horse standing in the stall. She dances forward and back to get away from you. Then she shuffles sideways to get moral support from her neighbor. Since for the last few months this horse hasn’t taken any unneccesary steps this is a huge breakthrough. This makes you so happy that you don’t even yell at her to hold still.

The getting-better-horse may also chew on your shirt, head butt you, and engage in other naughtiness now that her thoughts aren’t full of concerns about her feet.

Since she got away with low grade naughtiness you can safely expect an escalation of the naughty until she isn’t cute any more. Bad pony!