This is the view I see of Freckles nowadays. This is because she is a jealous girl and we have a bunch of extra animals in the house this weekend.


This is What’s Her Name, also now known as Under The Bed Dog. She is Z’s dog and doesn’t have a permanent name assigned to her so we have to decide moment to moment what to call her. (Long story). She’s here for a week since Z and her mother are on vacation. She is crazy timid and just plain crazier than last time she was here. I believe Freckles has washed her paws of her under the guise of You Can’t Fix Stupid.

We also had Scooter overnight. She is a very black cat who doesn’t have a picture because like a vampire she is about impossible to capture on film. She has been paralyzed from the abdomen down since she was run over by a tractor as an itty bitty baby. She needs her bladder expressed twice a day so she is here because her devoted person went out of town. Her directions say to keep her caged since she would be very scared. No one told Scooter that though so she started throwing a fit this morning about being in her cage. She came out and played with Freckles, who is fascinated with her. Scooter is highly mobile by pulling herself around on her front legs and dragging the back. Freckles tried to help by pushing her back end with her nose. Very sweet but ultimately unsuccessful.


Skunk is not living here. He belongs to a friend. He is a 16 year old retired bucking bull with a bad leg. I was trying to do back adjustments with him but his problem isn’t back related. He was a very good boy even if everyone I told about this ahead of time told me that I would probably die. He did charge his person after he was let out of the chute but it seemed half-hearted – more like a token protest before heading off to the pasture to have a nap in the shade.


Riley found this guy outside. He wanted to hit it but then thought better of it. He was huge and very pretty. The crack he is near is the divider in the sidewalk. He’s probably 3-4 inches long. He was around for a few days before wandering off (hopefully, or else Riley overcame his fears.)