I’m home all day today so I have no excuses to cheat and lots of time to experiment.

Weight lost as of this morning – 4 lbs

Breakfast – I made a baked apple like yesterday because it was good. It is still the most filling breakfast I’ve made in a long time. I’m not sure why.

Lunch – Left over mashed cauliflower from yesterday stirred up with leftover white beans from a few days ago.

I’ve seen a recipe called Gee Whiz Spread and heard rave reviews of it. So I made it today with visions of veggies with “cheese” sauce. Everyone who loved this has obviously been a vegan for a long time and the true taste of Cheez Whiz has faded from their palates. It isn’t bad but I’m a fan of processed cheese products and this doesn’t taste the same. Once I get over the disappointment it will probably be good in a Mexican dip, especially since I added salsa to it. I’m a big believer that there are not many foods that can’t be significantly improved by the liberal addition of salsa.

I also finally tried the “blended salad”. Basically it is as many fruits as you have blended together and then blended with up to a 1/2 lb of spinach. Sounds scary, looks scary, taste isn’t too bad. If you get enough fruit in there you can’t taste the spinach. Blending does reduce all that stuff into a small volume but it is so thick that a few spoonfuls fills me up. I’ve been snacking on this a few spoonfuls at a time all day. I just try to not look at it while I’m spooning it into my mouth.

Snack – small handful of olives

Dinner – Mexican dip made with a layer of mashed pinto beans, a layer of Gee Whiz spread, lettuce, and tomatoes. Served with raw vegetables for dipping.