Weight lost as of this morning – 4.5 lbs. Yeah, the same as yesterday. I blame the Twizzlers. The husband is celebrating his 70th pound lost today. Yeah for him. (Feel free to read that as happily or as sarcastically as you desire.)

Breakfast – Leftover chili
Snack – baked apple

I don’t think lunch happened because I was working outside and wasn’t hungry. In fact I was full enough not to even notice that I hadn’t eaten until almost 5.

Dinner – I’m not sure what to call it. I started with an idea for fake tuna casserole that I kept adding ingredients to. It ended up closer to pasta puttanesca made with a mix of rice spirals and whole wheat spaghetti.

I’m noticing now that I’m not as hungry as I was when I first started this challenge. I don’t have to keep a veggie and dip tray made for an evening snack.

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