Prize got shoes and pads on to support her sore feet on Saturday. It was an ordeal I hear. She was really sore so standing up on three legs was hard. Nailing sores into sore feet was harder. It took hours. She needed lots of hugs afterwards.

Today was the first day I got to see her. They told me that she was like a new horse. She was even trotting yesterday. I’m glad they told me that because I would not have been happy if I had just gone to see her.

She’s on night turnout so 10:30 AM is naptime. She was laying down. She declined to volunteer to stand. In fact she decided to swoon to show how much she couldn’t bear the thought of standing. It was going to be impressive but she stopped at the last second when she realized that throwing herself dramatically to the side was going to make her face land in a pile of manure.

I got her halter and with much sighing she got up. She then proceeded to take little mincing steps out of her stall. I took her to the arena and walked her around. All her joints were creaking and crackling like an old lady. She managed to walk one circle and then she was JUST SOOOOOO TIRED that she couldn’t go on. She couldn’t even fake limp anymore. She just wanted to go back to her stall and nap.

What a drama queen! I’m going to have to go back when she’s awake to see her walk for real.