On Tuesday I went to the Georgia Aquarium instead of going to get more learning. It is good to be a tourist.

I saw a loggerhead.


These jellyfish were pretty.


I didn’t make it to the whale shark class at the conference but I did go to one fish lecture just to see what they talk about. I learned that Weedy Sea Dragons like this one get a fungal disease that starts with black spots on the body and then goes systemic and they die. No treatment has been found yet. So sad but luckily this one isn’t spotty.

weedy sea dragon

The penguin exhibit was cool. You could crawl though a tunnel under the exhibit and pop up like a groundhog into a plexiglass tube in the middle of the penguins. They ignored people suddenly appearing in their midst.


I’m going to be showing my age here but remember friendship pins that girls made from safety pins and beads in the 80s? Look at his ID band on his wing. Every penquin had a different bead combination. I bet whoever designed the system was a middle schooler in the 80s.