Actual conversation today at work.  Names changed to protect the confused.

Background-  We are way understaffed because one scheduled person’s house flooded and the other hit a deer on the way in.  I stole a receptionist from our other clinic. 

She had her hands full with a dog in the waiting room when a growling dog came in already wearing his muzzle.  I ushered him to a room to stop him from trying to eat the other dog.

The appointment was scheduled under the name Jaime Miller.  We have no record of that person.  I ask if this was their first visit.  They say no.  He had his rabies vaccine here before. 

Me:  “Is it under a different name?”
Her:  “Oh, yeah, it’s under Michael.”

I go back to the computer and look.  I head back to the room with my sweet faux-receptionist smile.  “The only Michael Miller we have only has a bird registered.”

“No, it is Michael Applebee.”

Of course.  How silly of me not to know.  This causes the staff to swear often.  Would it be terribly rude to get “Hello!  My Name Is” stickers and fill them out of people who have seemed to have forgotten?