What do you think when you watch the show “Hoarders”?

I was discussing cleaning up a basement with my sewing friends and one said that she can’t even watch shows like “Hoarders” on TV because it stresses her out. She can’t watch them throw away people’s stuff.

The SO and I are the opposite. We would watch in on Netflix in order to get in the mood to purge before moving. (Our house has a pending sale already!)

Today he put it on and we watched 1.5 episodes. Then he paused it and said that he needed a shower. He uncluttered the kitchen counter and then did a closet purge to go to Goodwill before his shower. I told him that he was having a religious experience. He was sacrificing and then doing a ritual cleanse.

We went back to watching after that but he had to sweep under the birdcage during the next episode.

One Reply to “The Hoarders Rorshach Test”

  1. I have trouble watching but mainly because I can see the future 😉 M says I can’t let a flat surface remain clear. Luckily, I’m able to keep most room clear, just don’t go in the garage. We only have two cats and a rabbit but I’d love to add another cat and two dogs to that (M says no)

    Books and crafts are my downfall. I think I need a three-car sized room for each in order to see and use/read everything.

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