Last night I cleaned out my armoire. I start out all nice and clean but then I just pile stuff in. It gets to the point where there are clothes in the back that never see the light of day. I pulled them all out and was amazed at the short sleeved shirts that never came out all summer.

I made a whole pile of clothes to give to Goodwill. Now I have room to put in my new purchases for the fall season. That’s right. It is thrift store time!!

They totally reorganized the stores. They are so much better now. Before they were organized by clothing type and color so all the pink sweaters of all sizes were together. Now there are divisions for clothing type and size. It makes things much easier.

I figured out through my clothing inventory yesterday that I didn’t need any more long sleeved t-shirts. I tend to grab them by the armful at thrift stores. I decided to focus on fancying up my wardrobe and buying pants. I was impressed by the labeling of the overalls as formalwear.


There was one sweater I had to try on because I have biceps and the sleeves looked small. There are no dressing roooms in these stores. You take your chances. But this sweater was $6.00 and that’s like $100 in thrift store money. I have a totally skewed idea of what clothes cost now. LOL