The amorphous floating deadline that I originally gave myself for moving was “when I have to turn the heat on.” That is my primary motivation for moving. Not because my house is for sale, not because I want to move in with the SO although all those are true. I don’t want to pay to heat this house through another winter.

Today I came home from work and was hit with a blast of cold air when I walked through the door. I had to look to make sure the air conditioning wasn’t accidentally turned on. Nope. It is just cold. It isn’t going to get much warmer either according to the extended forecast. I’m out of here.

It isn’t just me that is the problem. Ozzie is an elderly, sick, tropical bird. He needs to stay warm. He’s never been in the ideal temperature range but I generally had the heat set at 68 and then supplemental space heaters on him. Tonight he has his heater aiming at him and I’ll be covering him with thicker blankets so he stays cozy. But when it is 64 in here in the daytime it is time to go.

I don’t know how much better it will be at the SO’s. He’s even cheaper than me and lives in an old house so it isn’t super energy efficient even after all the work he’s done to fix the problems. He’s already warned me that I’m going to freeze. I told him that I was buying flannel footie pajamas so he better memorize what my body looks like now since he isn’t seeing it again until spring. He said that we might be able to turn up the heat a bit.

The difference is that I won’t be paying the huge fuel bills. That sounds awful but it is true. I’ll be paying for any increased use due to keeping Ozzie warm and any increase in case I snap and turn the heat to 80 (which won’t happen – I’m willing to wear layers, keep a hat and gloves close by, and pile on the blankets). That isn’t too bad. And I’ll lower the cost of my utilities at this house until it sells.

I think that this weekend will be moving time. See, I didn’t need anyone to hire ninjas to beat me up to motivate me to move. I just need to get cold and contemplate high heating bills in order jump ship.