It is Thursday again and time to reveal all the fine crafty and fitness stuff I did this week.

(sounds of crickets chirping)

Yep, nothing, nada, zilch. At least it seems that way but now that I think about it I did sneak in a few things.

On the crafty front, my sewing group didn’t meet this week so I didn’t sew anything. I did however use that time to move my sewing stuff to the new house.

For fitness, I did yoga one night. I haven’t done any for so long that I felt like a beginner all over again. I was falling out of poses like Warrior I. My hamstrings are usually tight but I could hardly move. On the upside I got a huge endorphin rush. I did 30 minutes and then immediately laid down on the bed and went to sleep. I did also go for a 2 mile walk with the SO one night. That’s good but the problem with that is that I can really walk. I’m not sure why but when I walk I can leave people in the dust. So when I walk with him it is more like a stroll for me. Not a great workout. But some movement is better than nothing. I need to get on the treadmill but I just hate cardio machines so much that I have to force myself onto it.

I’m going to give myself some goals for this week:

1. Do yoga twice
2. Eat breakfast at home every day
3. Bring a homemade lunch to work one day
4. Walk either outside or on the @@#$ treadmill every other day

In theory those aren’t too hard but let’s see how I do.