I’ve been thinking that I should write a post on what the presidental race looks like from here since Ohio is such an important state. I haven’t been highly motivated until I saw a few stories this morning.

First up is news that Obama is leading in Ohio. Frankly, I’m surprised. An informal survey of the number of lawn signs that I see while driving around would make you think that McCain was far, far ahead. But maybe Obama supporters just think lawn signs are ugly. I know I do.

I’ve heard analysis on the news about latent racism possibly decreasing his support. It isn’t very latent around here. I know several people who openly admit that they won’t vote for a black man and “if that makes me a racist so be it.”

The thing that really put me over the edge this morning is this quote of a certain Republican VP candidate from a Hugh Hewitt radio show.

“I think they’re just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying you know what — it’s time that normal Joe Six Pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency”

Who in their right mind thinks that a Joe Six Pack American is qualified to run a country? I know of lot of Joe Six Pack Americans and I listen to their stories about how they’ve messed up their own life through a combination of lack of foresight, misunderstanding of the laws of cause and effect, and occasional monumental stupidity. There is no way I’d let them run a country. I want someone smarter than me and if that makes me elitist, so be it.