In addition to managing the carnage (see last post), I spent the day productively.

I was woken up at 4:00 AM by the SO who got up and said that he was going to work early because he had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Let me repeat, 4:00 in the AM. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep. That never happens to me. I can sleep anywhere.

He decided to give me a deadline to help me motivate my move. He said that he was moving full time back into his house on November 1. Did I mention it was 4 AM? I was unimpressed. I asked what would happen if I didn’t get all moved by then. The best he could come up with was that he’d miss me. Sweet but not enough. Telling me he’d hired ninjas to come and beat me up would have been better.

But then I still didn’t go back to sleep. I read a magazine. No drowsiness. So I got up and did computer stuff. I started reading about VeganMoFo which is a vegan blogging event for the month of October. I started clicking on the participating blogs. I like vegan blogs because I get great ideas. Then I realized that there are approximately (and this is a conservative estimate) 10 bazillion blogs signed up. I’m still checking them out but I know that this will be a several session activity.

So, I decided to give a show of good faith. I moved all my sewing stuff out of my basement here to my new sewing room there. It took three trips in my little car to move the fabric and assorted stuff. All the furniture was already there and I didn’t get the ironing board and chair yet. But I have a brand spanking new craft space. I didn’t just move it. I found a place for everything and put everything in its place. I should take a picture because it will never look this good again.

I also figured out how to reorganize the kitchen to fit our combined stuff, rearranged the closet by the back door to fit coats, and straightened up the toys. I have other stuff to move but I’m waiting for permission. I hate it when people mess with my stuff so I don’t want him to come home and have all his stuff in a different place than where he left it.

It is 3 PM and I’m exhausted now. The sewing floor is up 21 stairs from ground level. I’m not sure how many times I made the trip but my legs sure got a workout. Its time for a shower and nap.