Tomorrow is supposed to be D-Day. Finally after 14 months I have a hearing that might let me get divorced.

At this point I’m cynical and I don’t quite believe that it will go off without a hitch. But in case it does I’m reveling in my last day of being a fully wanton woman. Little goody goody me has throughly enjoyed telling (carefully selected) people that I am married and was dating and then am living with my boyfriend. I took a certificate that a local restaurant sent for my anniversary and used it to take my boyfriend to dinner. I wanted to bring this up in conversation with the waitress but the SO was embarrassed so I stifled my urge. I’ve contemplated the alignment of circumstances that had my very religious parents helping their still married daughter move into her boyfriend’s house. I’ve got to listen to the SO talk about how he used to have standards and rules about dating married women and how I corrupted him. In short being wanton has been a blast!

If all goes well tomorrow (and it better or that judge will have two grown people crying all over her desk) I’ll be downgraded to just living in sin!

(If you are new here, my husband moved out in Sept ’07 and I met the SO in March ’08. The divorce is uncontested but the courts have protested our very civil arrangement every step of the way.)