My goal for this week was to go for a 2.5 mile walk every day.  I did that and sometimes managed to go for more.  My hip is feeling good most of the time so I think I can get back into some normal workout routines soon.

I’ve also been doing the #sizedoesntmatter yoga challenge on Instagram. Here are a few of the photos.

4 Replies to “Fitness Tuesday”

  1. I’m not quite limber enough to do all the yoga moves, but I’m working on it by doing some stretching/flexibility exercises. I’m also doing some Tai-Chi and Chi-Gong.

    I’d love to do yoga outside, and that deck is awesome!
    I’m only 5’0″, so I have to walk a little over 4 miles to reach 10,000 steps.

  2. I realized last week that I’m afraid to get back to doing what I was doing before I injured my knee. I’m using the bike and ding the exercises that will help rebuild the supporting muscles around my torn meniscus. But I’m afraid to do any yoga or pilates (and I love yoga more than any other form of exercise). I’m hoping that, as I feel stronger over time, I will be less inclined to hold back. For now, I just want to make more time for walking because I have a lot of walking to do on my upcoming trip.

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