I had Christmas Eve off so I decided to do a 12 Days of Christmas workout.  This is a CrossFit tradition which is both insane and attractive to me.  (Sadly, these things are not often mutually exclusive.)

I made my own based on a few I saw online.

  1. Sumo High Dead Pull – squat, take the bar from the floor to the chin with your hands together in the center of the bar while standing up
  2. Thrusters – bar under chin, squat, stand and push it overhead
  3. Push Press – bar overhead
  4. Hang clean – bar thighs to chin
  5. Hang snatches – bar thighs to overhead
  6. Kettlebell swings
  7. Pull ups – I was going to use the machine at the gym
  8. Lunges
  9. Dips
  10. Step ups
  11. Push ups
  12. Back squats

It works like the song.  You do one sumo dead pull then two thrusters and one sumo.  Then three push presses, 2 thrusters, and 1 sumo, and so on.  I was using a 55 lb bar.  I warmed up with a mile walk.

The snatches killed me.  I haven’t done a lot of overhead work lately and it showed.  When I got to 7 and went to do the pull up, I couldn’t do anything even with the weight offset to the highest level.  My arms were shaking.  I got to dips but I knew I was beat.  On paper it looks easy enough but I couldn’t do it.  I’ll keep working on it though.  I walked about 1/2 a mile to cool down then hit the pool and hot tub for a soak.

I went home and took advantage of the warm weather to walk 1.5 miles with Freckles.  I didn’t even need a coat on Christmas Eve in Ohio.


Another 1.5 mile walk with Freckles.  I would prefer to do my exercise walking alone because it is all stops and starts with her.  Today was particularly bad.  I told her to get herself together and walk.  A bit later she started tilting her head to the right and shaking her head.  I stopped walking and she kept walking in a circle with her head all lopsided until I told her that it was ok to just stop and take care of the itch.  Once she gets focused on moving, she is all forward motion I guess.


Another 1.5 mile walk loop.  I thought about sneaking out of the house but that dog is crafty.  She was watching me.  I was still wearing a sweater and skirt and boots when I noticed that she was eyeing me. She looked so hopeful.  As soon as I came out of the room with sweats on, she didn’t let me out of her sight.  When I put on a coat, she ran screaming and barking down to the basement door.


I’ve signed up for US Road Running’s Total Mileage program in January.

How does it work?
Run/Walk at any location you want. You can use the treadmill, run outside, your own course, another race, or get your running group together (Group Discount).  You can run the event any day before the race end date.

How it works – Total Mileage Program?
Set your goal mileage for the month when you register. After you meet your goal update your “Actual” mileage.  On the total mileage program medal, we put your name and “Actual” mileage on your medal.

I signed up for 20 miles.  I based that on 2 miles every other day allowing for a few days of blizzards.  I plan on walking this month.  I hope to eventually find a way to not hurt myself if I up the speed.

I’m not sure that I’ll continue to sign up for the program each month because it costs money but they also have virtual races you can run.