I did a 1.5 mile walk with Freckles.  Then I got my new Fitbit in the mail.  I had an additional 4,629 steps.


Lazy day at the parents’ house.  I did 1,854 steps with a mini workout of 3 rounds of 10 pushups, 10 lunges, and 10 squats.


I was back to work this day and it was very busy.  I did 4,654 steps.


I went to the gym.  I did a 2 mile walk and then did 3 sets of 5 back squats using the Smith machine so I could get full range of motion.  Because I was increasing the depth I only did 65 lbs.  Then I spent some time floating and stretching in the warm pool.

Total steps- 8,897


I put on my walking clothes in front of Freckles and then had to explain that I was going to the gym.  I promised her a walk when I got back.

I did 2 miles on the track and then two sets of lat pulldowns and tricep pulldowns followed by some relaxing pool time.

Freckles got her walk too.  We did about 1 mile.

I ended up with 10,395 steps.


It turned cold so there was no outside walking.  I got 4,736 mostly at work.  I have a coworker with a pedometer too so we are going to compete to see who is better at work.