20 modified bear complexes with a 45 lb bar – Bar at thighs, lift to under chin, squat, stand up and press bar overhead, lower bar behind head to shoulders, squat, stand up and press bar overhead, return to starting position


1.5 mile walk with Freckles


1.5 mile walk without Freckles (Don’t tell)

I’m starting 2 December fitness challenges.

I’m doing the Spartan Race’s 30 Days of Squats. You are supposed to sign up and they give you a squat routine to do each day. I’ve tried to sign up for their stuff before and somehow never manage to get the information they promise. I’m just going to do my own squat routines. Today I did 30 full range of motion bodyweight squats to work on mobility. I slowly squatted down until my butt was lower than my knees. I have very tight hamstrings so this is hard for me so I held on to a counter so I could do it without falling backwards. That way I could get the full range of motion. I held at the bottom for a few seconds each time and occasionally held up to 10 seconds.

The second challenge is Brooke: Not On A Diet’s Skinny Snowman. You earn points each week.

  • Lose or maintain weight each week – 15 pts.
  • Veggie serving with every meal – 5 pts per meal
  • 3 fruit servings – 10 points per day
  • 64 oz of water – 5 pts/day or over 64 oz of water 10 pts/day
  • Meatless Monday – 10 pts (I win!)
  • Complete weekly mini challenge – 25 pts
  • Log food – 10 pts/day
  • 5 daily positives – 5 pts/day
  • Activity 5 pts/30 minutes max 50pts/week

This week’s mini challenge is to write out 3 goals.

  1.  I want to lose 5 lbs minimum.
  2.  I want no fast food breakfasts because I’m too lazy to make breakfast at home.
  3.  I want to make sure I have some sort of workout every day.

I’m already behind because I thought it started in 12/1 and it was really on 11/30.