3,982 steps

It is freezing here this week so walks with Freckles have been postponed. She is most unhappy with me.


4,130 steps

Lat pull downs and sit ups – 20 of each.  Being lazy.  Need to focus on workouts.


3,924 steps


10,068 steps

Did 2 miles at the gym and then put myself over 10,000 steps going to the cafeteria of the hospital from the ER and back.  It is a long way.  I’ve spent enough time with my husband in the ER and hospitalized there that I was craving some of the food.  They have a good cafeteria.  Just an ER visit this time.


6,250 steps

Crazy busy Saturday at work.  I walk more in 4 hours on a Saturday than 7 hours during the week.


8,028 steps

Walked 2 miles at the gym. Did three sets of 5 back squats with full range of motion.  Weights were 65 lbs, 80 lbs, and 65 lbs for the sets.


5,837 steps

Shoveling the driveway gets the step count up in the morning.  I had a mile in before the car was out of the driveway.


Morning workout:

Warm up based on sun salutations.  I start with inhaling and sweeping arms overhead and then exhaling to prayer hands.  I do this about 10-15 times until I feel heat starting to build in my body and my back warming up.  Then I move on to arms overhead and then exhale to forward bend.  I repeat that until my hamstrings start to stretch.  Then I add in the rest of the sun salutation and whatever other yoga poses I need to get limbered up before lifting.  I don’t hold anything for a long time in a warm up.  I just move pose to pose.

I did 21 reps then 15 reps then 9 reps of:

  • Goblet squats – I held a 25 lb dumb bell in front of my chest with both hands and squatted.  On the last round with 9 reps I held each one in the full low squat position for about 10 seconds to work on flexibility.
  • Box jumps – I can’t jump off both feet at once.  I was a total crossfit failure at this.  I can (after way too much work) jump up on the bottom step of my stairs from a flat start.  That’s embarrassing but quite an accomplishment.
  • Lat pull downs – someday I’m going to build up to be able to do a pull up.  Then I can die.  I might die of the shock.

I like to walk to loosen up the legs after squat work.  I also hold gentle low squats and stretch quads and hamstrings.