4816 steps – 2.1 miles


3969 steps – 1.73 miles


6936 steps – 3 miles

That includes my workout for the day.  It was a 1 mile walk and then a clean sequence and another mile walk.

  • 3 cleans at 55 lbs
  • 3 cleans at 65 lbs
  • 3 cleans at 75 lbs
  • 1 clean at 85 lbs
  • ..and then I couldn’t do 95.  I’m actually pleasantly surprised. 95 was always my problem when I was actively doing CrossFit.  I got it once I think.  85 lbs felt easy so I’m glad I haven’t lost much strength.


5057 steps


I decided to take Freckles for a walk to the mailbox.  It was pretty cold and the round trip to the community mailbox is about 1 mile.  We started out with her in her coat but her feet got too cold and she started to limp.  I took her back and made her put on her new boots.  She hates them.  But once she got the hang of it she discovered how much fun it could be.  I think she considers herself invincible now!  She was bounding through drifts and moving really fast.  She slipped some because she was trying to go too fast.

I intended to do a workout but I pushed it off until Monday and just shoveled my driveway twice.  That’s not that much work because I have a shovel that is made to push the snow but towards the end I was running out of places to put snow on the side of my driveway and had to lift the shovel more than normal.  Each time I did the driveway it gave me 1000 steps.

7163 steps and 3.09 miles


I got my workout in by 7:15 AM.  It is my version of a Snoridge Crossfit WOD using what I have at home.

  • 25 walking lunges – I did these slow as a combination stretch and warm up.
  • 20 lat pulldowns
  • 50 stair step ups – I step up onto the second stair and then step down.  Alternate feet.
  • 20 tuck jumps – These were supposed to be double unders but I have to go outside to jump rope and outside is all ice.
  • 25 dips – It was supposed to be off rings which is super hard.  I did it off a bench.
  • 20 knees to elbow – I don’t have a bar to hang from so I did them laying down.
  • 30 dumb bell swings with 20 lbs
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 dumbbell hang cleans – These are so much harder than using one bar.  Each hand tries to go off in a separate direction.
  • 30 Good Mornings – I did these as a cool down.  I used a broom across my upper back and then you bend forward at the hips until you have a flat back and straight legs.  It is a good back and hamstring stretch.

7246 steps 3.13 miles