Our strength workout today started with drop snatches. You have a bar resting on your shoulders behind your head. You quickly squat and drop under the bar. Ideally, the bar doesn’t move. You catch it with your hands over your head. It is a tricky move. I did 53 lbs.
Then we did Bulgarian split squats. Hold a dumb bell in each hand and then raise one foot behind you on a block. Do a lunge. We did 5 sets of 5 on each leg. We did 30 lbs. Very hard.
In between those we did hamstring raises. You kneel and a person holds your feet. Then you lean forward a bit until your hamstrings say ouch and then come up. We did 3 sets of 11. My partner is tiny. She’s a gymnast and is literally less than half my weight. Usually she sits on my feet but today she came up with the plan to sit on my feet AND hold a dumb bell. Good thing she has to do that with everyone or I’d feel like an ox.

The workout was Isabel. Some of the CrossFit workouts have names and the “girls” are always the toughest. This one wasn’t too bad. It was 30 snatches – bar from floor to overhead. I did 45 lbs and did it in 3:08.

This weekend I was in Alabama judging a trail ride. I didn’t control my food choices and there was nothing there that was Whole Life Challenge compatible. I did a good job though making the healthier of the unhealthy choices, if that makes sense.

I’ve always been a touch lactose intolerant. Dinner on Friday night was pizza. I hadn’t had any dairy for a week and then I had pizza. At 1 AM my body rebelled. I was staying in a cabin without a bathroom. Fun. The next day my lunch was a pimento cheese sandwich. That was a pleasant afternoon in and out of the bathroom. By Saturday night I was afraid to eat much at the big buffet. I avoided as much dairy as I could and felt better. If that’s the reaction after reintroducing it after one week, I can’t imagine what will happen if I try again after another 7 weeks.

I counted the walking around we did as my workouts. I had my FitBit on. It didn’t seem like we did much but I got about 4 miles of walking in each day.


We worked on cleans and snatches for the strength part. Then our workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 400 m run
  • 21 kettle bell swings – I used 25 lbs
  • 12 pull ups
  • I did it in 15:15.

    The local marathon is this weekend. So, anyone doing that is getting their workouts shortened. I asked if they would believe me if I claimed to be doing the marathon. They just laughed at me.