It is still super cold here.  All of my websites that I use to give me workouts are based in warmer places and they keep telling me that I should “Run 400m”.  Yeah, it is below freezing and the road is a sheet of ice.  I’m not running anywhere.

I finally decided to do something I’ve been thinking about.  I signed up for the free month trial of Daily Burn in order to do Black Fire.  Black Fire is a workout series done by Bob Harper that is basically CrossFit workouts.  There is a different one each day for 2 months.  (I’m not missing the conflict between 1 free month of the website and a 2 month program.)

I can do it inside in my basement mostly with equipment I have.  I don’t have a box for box jumps but I may be able to rig something.

I did the first workout on Sunday.  It was a tabata workout.  I did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  There were four moves – air squats, hand release push ups, stepping over a box, and burpees.  You do all 8 rounds of each move before moving onto the next.  It was tough.  I still hate burpees!  You score your lowest round.  Mine was 14 for the squats, 5 for the push ups, 15 for the step overs (I had a punching bag on its side), and 3 for burpees for a total of 37.  Someday this workout will show up again and you try to get better numbers.


I did the ABC 1 workout.  It stands for agility, balance, core.  It is an all bodyweight workout.  We did 5 rounds of each move with 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.

  • X-squats – Squat then stand up and touch opposite knee to elbow.  Switch knees on next squat.  My lowest score was 10.
  • Surfer get ups – These are basically burpees but you land with one foot forward like standing on a surfboard.  Alternate forward legs.  My lowest score was 5.
  • Fence jumps – Jump sideways over a yoga mat.  My lowest score was 7.
  • Diamond push ups – Index fingers and thumbs together to make a diamond.  These have to be on your toes to count.  My lowest score was 5.

I’m still sore from Sunday so squats were hard.  I just looked at my fitbit dashboard.  It says I’ve had 1 active minute today.  Meanwhile, I’m shaking and sweating and climbing the stairs out of my basement was hard.

I’m also doing the 100,000 steps Challenge from Happy Herbivore in March.  This was a total math fail for me.  I thought that it was a challenge to go over 10,000 every day and then I did the math and realized that you only have to do over 3226 steps a day to finish it.

My Fitbit week – overall my step count was down.

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  1. Geez, you are on fire! I hope to get walking more soon but it would be a while before I could attempt a work out like yours – very nice!!

  2. Wow! I’m actually reading a book by Bob Harper after I finish the one I’m suffering through now. I know I couldn’t do this workout without modifications (per doctor’s orders) but the next time you have to suffer through burpees think about this: You may hate doing them but at least your physically able to do them and not everyone can say that. You’re doing great!

  3. Looks like some good workouts. Good for you for finding a program that can be done safely indoors!

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