Black Fire Program on Daily Burn


I did the Stragetic Endurance 1 video.

  • 2 minutes of burpees with a step over a small box in between each – I did 15 on round 1, 15 on round 2, and 11 on round 3.
  • 2 minutes of bench dips – Ouch.  I did 25 on round 1 and 30 on the next two rounds
  • 2 minutes of sit ups – I did 25 on rounds 1 and 2 and 23 on round 3.


This was a repeat of the Bodyweight Tabata workout I did last week.  It was 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each of the four movements.

  • Air squats – I did 13 on my lowest round.  My quads still hurt from doing this video last week.  I think I tweaked something doing these today.  I need to roll that quad before it totally cramps up.
  • Hand release push ups – I pushed hard and got 7 each time today instead of the 5 I did last week.
  • Step over a box – I did 20 this time instead of 15
  • Burpees – 4 instead of 3.



I didn’t do any other workouts this weekend and then Monday was warm. It was the first day over freezing in about a month. I went for a walk with Freckles and then for another walk without her. I did about 4 miles.