Trainers are mean!! Here was the workout for today.

21 reps then 15 reps then 9 reps of:

  • Kettle bell swings
  • Push ups
  • Sumo High Dead Pulls – the bar is on the ground. Grab it with your hands close together. Stand up and bring your hands to your chin.
  • Each workout has what is called a RX weight. That’s the suggested weight to use if you are crazy fit. I’ve never been able to do RX. The weights suggested today for women were 55 lbs for the kettle bell swings and 65 for the sumo. I grabbed a 25 lb kettle bell and set up a 43 lb bar. Then my trainer wandered over. “What’s that?” He pointed at my kettle bell.
    “It’s 25 lbs.”
    “I KNOW it is 25 lbs. Get a 35.”
    “I always do 25.”
    “So, I’ll get a 35 and if I can’t do it I’ll switch back to 25.”
    “Take the 25 back.”
    “So, I have to walk all the way back over there to get it when I can’t do 35?”
    “No going back to switch. Deal with it.”
    I pouted and got the 35. I heard him go to the next person and point at her kettle bell and say, “What’s that?” She said, “My kettle bell.” See, I’m not the only smart ass! She came up with a better excuse though because she got to keep her 25.
    Then the workout starts and I struggle with my 35 lb kettle bell. I get through the first round, struggling with the sumo. I’m on my second set of kettle bell swings when my trainer adds 10 lbs to my bar. I protested but he just wandered off. He’s lucky he didn’t get hit with a kettle bell.

    I did it in 8:33. It was super hard and my abs and arms already hurt.

    Friday and Saturday

    Ouch! I couldn’t even manage to get a coat on Friday morning.


    The back of me is still sore. Here’s the workout I chose for today.

    9 reps then 7 reps then 5 reps of:

  • muscle ups or twice as many body rows. I did the rows.
  • snatch – bar from the ground to overhead. You are supposed to squat when you do this but that is not happening. It hurts to just bend over and grab the bar. I did 53 lbs.
  • I did this in 7:26. Then I went and had a massage to try to fix everything.


    Every week for the Whole Life Challenge there is a weekly challenge. There has been a week where you had to drink extra water and one where everything you ate had to be homemade. My favorite was the week where you had to make sure you slept a lot. No problem for me. This week we have to run. Hate running. We only have to run 10 continual minutes. I took Freckles out to run around my neighborhood. She seemed to like it much more than I did.


    The workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 400 m run
  • 7 wall climbs or 14 pikes – The wall climbs looked fun. You start in a pushup position with your feet near the wall. Then back up so your feet climb up the wall until your chest hits the wall. I tried one. My feet were wet from the run so I kept sliding off the wall. Obviously I have to practice this one at home to get the hang of it before I try it for time. I switched to pikes.
  • 7 squat cleans – Pick up the bar from the floor to shoulders while squatting.
  • I did it in 16:26.

    The joy of running week is that it has to be continual running. That means the running I did in the workout doesn’t count. So I drove home and grabbed Freckles to do my ten minutes. We started out well and then she started slowing down. Finally she stopped in the middle of the road and refused to move. I went into vet mode and started looking at her for an injury. I turned her back towards home and she was miraculously healed! Apparently it wasn’t an injury as much as a temper tantrum. I guess she thought we were going to the dog park when she got her leash on and everyone knows we can’t run to the park. We have to go in the car. I took her back home and then finished the run.

    People asked me today at the gym if I was doing the running challenge. I guess I’ve made my hatred of running well known!

    I have melted in the last week. During the first month of the challenge I lost 9 lbs. I gained 3 back on vacation and then in the last week I’m dropping weight like crazy. I’m down 12 lbs total. I tried on a pair of pants that were in the top of my closet because they were a size too small. I got them on and zipped and buttoned! They aren’t suitable for going out in public yet and I didn’t risk sitting in them but they fastened.